30% of all accidents are rear end collisions A 1 second heads up could eliminate 90% of all rear end collisions.

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What is Third Alert?

Third Alert is a patented, proactive, rear-end collision avoidance system that is designed to decrease the frequency and severity of collisions by alerting drivers behind you that you are slowing down or stopping. The small module is installed within the electrical circuit that powers the existing high mounted center brake light on your vehicle. When the operator of the vehicle applies the brake, Third Alert allows the high mounted center brake light to gently flash. The flashing sequence is designed to be 8 times more effective in alerting distracted drivers from the rear.


Third Alert is compatible with the following vehicle types cars, trucks, suv’s, delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc.

It's About Confidence!

Third Alert offers a disappearing deductible. This means that if you have a Third Alert module on your vehicle and are involved in a rear-end collision we will pay up to $500 for your eductible. There is no negative result of having a Third Alert module installed in your vehicle!


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